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Engage-Study and Activate are elements which are present in a language classroom to help students to learn effectively.

Engage. This is the point in a teaching sequence where teachers try to arouse the students interest, thus involving their emotions.

Most people can remember lessons at school which were uninvolving and where they ‘switched off’ from what was being taught them. Frequently, this was because they were bored, because they were not emotionally engaged with was going on. Such lessons can be contrasted with lessons where they were amused, moved, stimulated or challenged. It seems quite clear that those lessons involved not only more ‘fun’, but also better learning.

Study. Study activities are those where the students are asked to focus in on language (or information) and how it is constructed. They range from the study and practice of a single sound to an investigation of how a writer achieves a particular effect in a long text.
Students can study in a variety of different styles: the teacher can explain grammar, they can study language evidence to discover grammar for themselves, they can work in groups studying a reading text or vocabulary. But whatever the style, study means any stage at which the construction of language is the main focus.

Activate. This element describes exercises and activities which are designed to get the students using language as freely and communicatively as they can. The objective for the students is not to focus on language construction and/or practice specific bits of language(grammar patterns, particular vocabulary items or functions) but for them to use all and any language which may be appropriate for a given situation or topic.

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oswaldo gonzalez dijo...

Your presentation was really interesting as everybody's, however I have to say that when you came with explaining that method I got really ssurprised and interesting because it was the first time I knew about it!!!!

Nahir dijo...

Hi again,

Your post shows that the teaching process doesn't have to follow a straight line. There are different ways and we can use several at different times to reinvent our classes, this way our students won't get bored by doing the same thing same way.


Unknown dijo...